We make web-based private communications systems,
networks which build your communities.

Gather in your key stakeholders, productively, securely.

Your management colleagues, your branch offices, staff on the road, at home, your collaborators, your dispersed teams, inside and outside the organisation or formal group, your leading clients, suppliers, your friends……”communitise” these key relationships for greater efficiency by including them on your private network.

A GroupFactor intra-extranet is unique because it gives each member his own disk space, where he can organise his own data as suits him best, and then manage it via a range of right-click remote controls. His space is divided into four main directories and he creates as many sub-folders as suits him. His space- we call it “MyDesk”- is always there, wherever he might physically be, giving him persistent presence on the internet, accessible from any PC running Windows and IE browser. From it, he communicates with others directly, at high (server-) speed with total reliability.

MyDesk, the tool bar, your virtual office, your remote control room.

Put the top 20% of your correspondents, accounting for 80% of your data traffic, onto your extranet, taking the load off your creaking email infrastructure. GroupFactor will send notifications of new documents to your email box. But it will not let in email messages, nor viruses or spam. Instead, you are provided a Private Messaging system inside the extranet, much faster than email and more reliable. And http-based file transfers, and server-speed distribution of documents from your Private Box. You can also allocate your Meeting Rooms for different topics or groups of colleagues, or engage in Instant Chat when you see them online. These tools, and more, are available in your MyDesk.

70% of your work output is Projects.

And, each team on each project, can have its own sub-extranet, without technical difficulty or the need for administrative or password support etc, but with its own easy-edit home page, a project room for sharing data and a dedicated team chat channel – private to them- a unique and very motivating project management system, which ensures that all team members are always up to date. In this way, you optimize productivity of resources deployed in your organisation’s key projects, and therefore in your organisation as a whole. And the boss can monitor all projects, simply by clicking from one to the other (if he is on the private access lists)

Use your website as the home/ center of your real network, in no time. Each member signs up in 40 seconds. We host your network, minimising your investment, and up front risk. Apart from the MyDesk tool bar, the page is nearly 100% customizable for you, with minor restrictions. And then we add a minimum of 180 dynamic working web pages to support your new functionality. You can add links to any of your own web-enabled content, as well as choose any of our modules, such as Forums, Bulletin Board, Public Chat, Employment Center, Projects, World or sectoral News, Members News Center, Members Expertise Profiles, Collaboration database, Tenders links, and specially prepared content for you. We can also sell a licence and install the software on your server.

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GF network, showing MyDesk for each member
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Some benefits

Organization of MyDesk
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GF projects

Review all your projects by clicking from one to the other !

Each extranet contains 180 + dynamic, interactive web pages and works securely without requiring special software on local PCs. Best viewed in 1024 x 786 screen display

We can clip a network onto your website in days, even hours

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